About us

The organization Aktion Regen was founded by the Austrian gynecologist and development aid worker Dr. Maria Hengstberger. After a time of working in Ethiopia she knew: „Help is possible”. One needs teaching aids which can be understood by all people. As first and most important teaching aid she developed the Birth Control Necklace

The word “REGEN” (rain) symbolizes knowledge, which has to reach the roots like water. Under the specialist direction of Dr. Hengstberger seminars are held worldwide for development aid workers under the heading:

Education – Motivation – Innovation

Here the participants learn how to educate, motivate and to use new methods of family planning in practice and how one can prevent HIV transmission. As main source of money, Dr. Maria Hengstberger holds lectures about gynaecology for lay persons Austria- wide and provides practice oriented information in the journal for donors, “Initiative” (published yearly) under the slogan:

Knowledge for Donation

With numerous, often small but continuous contributions - the so called “raindrops” - also YOU can help, sustain our medically trained co-workers (doctors, nurses, etc.) in developing countries. We were able to build four seminar clinics worldwide so far. In already 30 countries of the world Birth Control Necklaces are distributed by diverse development aid organizations and are being produced locally in other countries as a result of spontaneous initiatives.

Only knowledge can really help. Help us to pass it on.